Dear reader,

I’m delighted to introduce you to my first book, ‘Game Changer. How to take control and increase your confidence, personal power and business success.‘ It was written to inspire and empower business owners and career professionals to take control of their professional and personal goals and drive their own success!

Here’s what people have said …

“Without doubt, ‘Game Changer’ is one of THE best ‘to the point, no-nonsense’ books I have ever read”.

“This book is brilliant! I would highly recommend ‘Game Changer’ to anyone wanting to push further up the career ladder, or indeed, to anyone wanting to change any area of their business or life that they are not happy with.”

“I have read and re-read Game Changer several times now, and each time I take new inspiration from it.”

“This is the book you’ll pass on to your closest friends.”

“I have read many self-help books and can honestly say that this is right up there with the best.”

Drawing on the psychology of performance that helped me grow a successful business into 9 branches throughout the southeast, the many challenging personal experiences I’ve had and those of my clients, throughout more than twenty five years in professional development, ‘Game Changer’ takes the reader on a journey of discovery that will change the way they see themselves, their business and their life. Its purpose is to build confidence and personal power and offer real strategies that transform performance and increase business or career success. Many of the professional and personal challenges addressed, are experiences every reader will relate to and can learn from.



It is rarely lack of talent, ability or desire for success that limits potential in business. Many people have professional expertise and great business and life ambitions, but too often lack the mindset and personal power to achieve their goals. The demands, expectations and responsibilities of modern life leave little time for reflection, let alone the mental space to think strategically and implement changes to reduce stress, transform performance and deliver desired results. Instead, people invest valuable time and energy daily in managing what they don’t want, rather than in the actions they could take to reach their business and personal goals. The result is under performance, missed opportunities and wasted potential!

‘Game Changer’ provides an antidote to the frustration many business owners and career professionals feel, when their vision of success and the outcomes they want to achieve, fail to match the reality of their lives.

Structured in three parts – Vision, Self-Mastery and Performance, this book is packed with practical tools, proven strategies and thought-provoking content to build confidence, increase awareness and change the way people think. Mindset is paramount to anyone serious about their goals and their vision of success.

‘Game Changer’ addresses performance influencers that are rarely considered in any business or career plan, yet they have the power to sabotage success. Each chapter offers pragmatic advice, inspirational stories and nuggets of wisdom to inspire action and create lasting, positive change. The reader is empowered to confront and overcome their own ‘energy drainers’ and focus on the outcomes they want. By making better, more informed choices, they build confidence, reduce stress and discover their own inner power.

“The adventure starts the moment you decide to take control. Whether you have ambitious business or career goals, a personal vision for yourself, or are unhappy with your life and want to make some changes, this book will inspire and show you how to step up, reclaim your power and start changing the game.”

In summary, the reader learns how to take control of the business and life outcomes they want and build the confidence and personal power to drive their own success. When they do, they become the ‘game changer’ in their own life.


How can I buy a copy?

For your copy of ‘Game Changer: How to take control and increase your confidence, personal power and business success‘, click on the Amazon link below. Enjoy!


To your happiness and success.

Linda x